Oh @MintCleaner I think we are going to be BFFs! You are SO quiet too. #RobotFloorCleaner
  • tidymomOh @MintCleaner I think we are going to be BFFs! You are SO quiet too. #RobotFloorCleaner

  • bridget350How many of these robots do you have? ;) do they make one that scrubs toilets?!?
  • tidymom@bridget350 oh how I wish! Lol the mint dusts and wet wipes hard floors
  • doohikeydesignsDo you like it? What about wood floors? @tidymom
  • supermom_kelliMy Roomba is running right now:) I love it!
  • bloombainbridgeI need a few robots in my life!!! @bridget350 Is there one that transforms the home into a serene, tranquil place to dwell right before the hub arrives home at night? 💓😜💓
  • insta_charms@bloombainbridge lol it is called a martini 🍸 hehe. Just kiddin!!!
  • tidymomdoohikeydesigns it's made for hard surface floors -today is my first time using it and so far i love it
  • tidymomsupermom_kelli this is made by iRobot - I have the Scooba and so far I like this much better! and better than the Neato I have that vacuums
  • rebsgarciaCannot wait to hear. My tile looks like yours so should be a good test.
  • mommartDoes it work on hardwood floors?
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