Only Jah can move mountains
  • badgalririOnly Jah can move mountains

  • sarah_eshowWho's jah
  • dzeni_boo@laaellah
  • christianleevazquezGod's a jerkoff who hasn't answered my prayers in a long time
  • ebridesconnectYes he can
  • taxatioI've sang and the walls trembled.
  • ggabe.mMaybe it's bc they don't put him first it's not him it's them @christianlvazquez
  • christianleevazquezYea He's alright @g.meyrr
  • gabriellemoura77Jesus te ama incondicionalmente. De uma forma que foi capas de morrer uma morte horrível e pregado numa cruz pelos nossos pecados, Jesus te oferece tudo que você precisa, ele te oferece Amor, carinho, atenção, nunca te decepciona e nunca te abandona. E o inimigo faz o contrário ele te iludi com esse mundo que nem foi criado por ele pra no fim te aprisionar mas Jesus estas nos chamando pra viver para Ele porque um dia ele quer nos abraçar face a face e olhar nos nossos olhos e dizer: venha para meus braço você venceu para sempre nao sei se você @badgalriri vai ler isso mas que essas palavras de amor de nosso Jesus Cristo chega até seus ouvidos não importa como mas que você seja conformada com o espírito santo
  • littlemexico789I'm bout to watch and see I got work on the man in the mirra and I will move some mountains that's what I'm working on right now
  • jay_p6@badgalriri you are my #MasterPiece #Da1 ps #MrJesus
  • jay_p6🔯 well I'm like Jesus/God. but will jus say #ManOfGod #ImNotDementedForSayingThis or jus very well intelligent with the reality I live now. An being real honest to you @badgalriri I should have jus slide a DM but my life's on front street. I'm upfront with you. I'm no creep I'm jus letting you know up front what you getting. Ever been around people an they jus Come so close they in hail your breathe like its Coke. An dnt even fightt it. Or walk outside stores crowded with people standing still jus to hear me say a word. It's #Spooky @badgalriri but I'm handling myself maturely about.
  • jay_p6You ever see a grown man bend over in front you jus for walking or try to get close in my face jus to get my air an be catching myself from telling people fucked up shit but I'm nice enuff to say back the fuck up @badgalriri an talk to them soft spokenly I wish u knew This feeling but love you going to take a walk gotta half day for teaching
  • jay_p6I be catching myself* @badgalriri because be bout 45seconds but I listen to our music an it get me thru.
  • remi_jourdan❤💛💚
  • thegreatnb23I know u don't remember me @badgalriri ... But I just wanted to say I miss our #AOL chats we use to have back in the day ... lol ... Now you got so many fans I can never tell you thank You for being a far away friend without seeming like a crazy Fan... Lol ...It's hard to compare my love with 100 million people now. But I figured if I commented on a old post ... One day u may read it. I'm still in Decatur, AL & I so proud to see u living your dream & happy ... I just wish I could huge you & chat like we use too... Without everyone thinking I'm your man ... But I still love you RiRi. I can't DM you of course. Cause I would have instead of doing it like this.
  • jon_dallastxLove @badgalriri
  • ema.obazeeLord PLEASE forgive her. Let her repent
  • agzmz@ssc0rpi0
  • izabel_thaisI bilieve!God is good att all times!🙏🙌
  • keinanmarshai📞 @badgalriri
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