Really looking forward to Tuesday.
  • luccadoesReally looking forward to Tuesday.

  • dantilleryYea, it's Cold. Lol. Nice for hockey though.
  • jessicatickle#macedaylake best place on earth! Miss my home!
  • maroon5_lover42I wish I was there! Snow is awesome!!!!
  • thehaltertops@luccadoes not far behind you. Tuesday for me is 14 degrees and usually they guesstimate way too high!
  • lindsayolarinI feel your pain! I'm in Macomb and it's 14 degrees.
  • _anonymrs_Lol. Are you near whoevers home was decked out to the max with "Vote Tony Lucca" signs and banners and window paint everywhere when you were on the voice....
  • daavaaadI'm in Royal Oak and I feel your pain Tony! ! Like literally I can feel the pain the crisp cold air is chappin everything on my body!!
  • rockalittle85It's seeing things like this that make miami even more beautiful. Being home (Madison heights) for Christmas was rough! Lol
  • goaliej54Pond hockey, anyone?
  • stefscott3👎👎
  • laurizaaYou've gotta love the weather we get here in Waterford!
  • erindjacobsSpecial request for you to come to Crested Butte, Colorado?!? Bring that cutie Matt Duke... Haha or just you! Been going through good music withdrawals!
  • bianca_gravesI'm hibernating all next week.
  • silentjenn@luccadoes HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY!!!!!!!!!
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