I swore I'd never do it. I broke. It's too cold.💨⛄
  • thejulietsimmsI swore I'd never do it. I broke. It's too cold.💨⛄

  • mahemiumnocturneNoooo!
  • lunargoddess__The hides are sheeps, not kangaroos..
  • miseriamacabraAs if being made out of sheep is in someway less horrible? Are sheeps lives less valuable to all of you?
  • miseriamacabra@misschelseae I would have no problem affording them (not that its even important) and I say ew Uggs because I'm vegan and don't believe animals are ours to wear, eat, test on or use for entertainment. So before you go judging people and thinking you know everything why don't you find out?
  • kristinamathiasenI'm the same.
  • peyton.annI hope you like them!
  • angiedontyouweep@0w1a1ways1oveyou i respect your beliefs, but animals were the only way to survive in the beginning. Native Americans used everything they could off an animal so the killing would not be worthless...because they needed animals to survive. Humans may not have ever evolved without them.
  • misschelseaeHow do you know someone's vegan? Don't worry they'll tell you. 😒
  • misschelseae@0w1a1ways1oveyou and did I say all? No I said half. Get off your high horse.
  • mashaaxeThey look super kawii on you Juliet c: they're really comfy and warm so you'll enjoy them
  • marsacademyEh, fine to wear them for warmth
  • cynthia_nicolexoFugs are better
  • clairespatmanI love uggs!! They're the best :)
  • of_austin_and_menNo!! You gave in!
  • of_austin_and_menI live in Minnesota and even I don't have a pair
  • adriannagrecothere not ugly... why are people saying that plus there sooo warm and comfy!
  • cher.leneTheyre so warm though..
  • clairespatman@0w1a1ways1oveyou yes that is terrible but I know for a fact that that doesn't happen in Australia which is wear ugg boots originated from!
  • twinbarbiedollsWow @0w1a1ways1oveyou I just assumed because you were using their slogan that you felt the same ,.... Guess for future reference I won't stick up for people like you when everyone is ganging up on you. ..... Sorry
  • deliaioanacIhhhhhhh ! No...why is everyone wearing them ? They are so ugly and ...they distroy your foot's shape -.-
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