Goose playing @lars22wrench out at the test track. #myway #testing
  • crtwotwoGoose playing @lars22wrench out at the test track. #myway #testing

  • crtwotwo@snpester I sometimes envy the kids and what they will ride through... This week we've gone different direction from them what works for them clearly isn't working for me✌👍
  • ardi022Bam Bam /slam /slam ,Reedy you and his techniques are a world apart ,you been on them long enough to come up with your own settings @crtwotwo
  • kalle_fanAnaheim 3 goo goo goo for winn.. Swe supporter <3
  • kalle_fanAnaheim 2 ;)
  • willemmx82Come on Chad, i rode with you in Eersel ( the netherlands) back in your gp days and from that day im a big fan! Go for it! Oooooppppeeen
  • snpester@crtwotwo very true, they are probably still determining what works best for them, you know exactly what you want from your bike. I understand completely. I hope you get it nailed man. You're still very much a factor and always fun to watch mixing it up. Best of luck 👍👊2⃣2⃣
  • apola162@crtwotwo you the man! Just takes a min to get a rhythm but after That it's over! You got this go 22
  • kalle_fanSte-up ? You are reedy goo foor it dude you your style Mr 22.. 22=winnn
  • mikul_seDon't forget to have fun this weekend! That's when you seem to go fast ;-)
  • motojustin20Speedy Reedy is a coming.... can't wait for you to crush em this weekend
  • ben7m8Go and have fun and that bike will be on the box this weekend.
  • nasty_scrubsI've been there its at glen Helan hu it's next to another supercross track @crtwotwo
  • mxjunkie131Goose is the GOAT of mechanics!
  • deanbondMy boi!! Diggin deep!! @crtwotwo
  • michaelspurling85Awesome job getting up on the podium tonight @crtwotwo
  • dustin_kellerShout out @ultimatearm when your video drops!
  • mattbishop15Nice bike
  • gardner__22SWEET BIKE
  • nrosser96I know you Probley won't respond but I wanted to say your so lucky and talented man im a big fan keep it up!
  • dirtbikes51Where were you at I didn't see you at the monster cup
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