Walking to the @driesvannoten runway
  • gqWalking to the @driesvannoten runway

  • bonpageUgly pics
  • ivasef85Lol^
  • blaynegGotta agree with the above. Quality > quantity
  • marchthe14thDisagree. Instagram is not solely and singularly about beauty. Keep posting.
  • jackfuntimewhat they said ^
  • joerodsHaters gonna hate... ^ ^ ^
  • phoebehadidLooks like the person managing this account is a person going around fashion shows snapping pics with an iphone.
  • guanimandoGotta love backstage
  • michaelbyef1Of course pics are being taken with smartphone's at fashion shows, men's fashion week is on
  • mrrobotoyoGreat job capturing the moment leading up to the glitz and glam of the runway!
  • itsjasonharveyDries! My favorite!
  • rismo868Lol you must be sarcastic. Can barely see what they're really wearing
  • demi_wolf_Aha~
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