• karruechetomorrow!

  • _kingrobbbHope the sells do well! @karrueche
  • treasure_le_royaltyGo girl! @karrueche
  • msrhonda716Me too @theemrsgreen
  • russia_reinSee u there!!!!
  • cambamboss👍
  • maccutieThe sells are going go threw the roof.......God is that good.......and you deserve it @karrueche
  • jennyabbeyWhen is this line dropping
  • chemeresosweetBitches on her mad cause kae got a man who can actually support her, while half these dumb hoes supporting a broke ass man. Kae never once said she wanted to be rihoe, females are the biggest haters I have ever seen. Kae famous off Chris, rihoe got famous off of jayz. So dumb hoes stop acting like rihoe got her own stuff famous.
  • iam_lippo@voans shes a model
  • flytaurusenchantressYea Rihanna s vocals are so great, that's why she had Sia sing her background vocak right?? She doesn't write her shit, she's not creative. Only reason she's famous is cause she got lucky and wirshuo Satan cause errrbody know Beyonce is still #1 .Rih is all hype
  • flytaurusenchantressVocal*
  • flytaurusenchantressWorships*
  • hiitsbrinaFirst of all Rihanna is creative and what does rihanna have to do with this pic tho
  • _sarahammarSo where can i get this stuff?
  • simply_mona89@teenie_adg3 your an idiot! lol @brinaprettytho #teamRiri (;
  • flytaurusenchantress@simply_mona89 your an idiot get off her page does she look like Rihanna? Then what you doing here? You look lost idiot. And if she's soo creative prove it, id love to see her work. Just not impressed #Bey all day
  • flytaurusenchantress@simply_mona89 idiot? What kinda insult is that? Are you in grade school? Or just a hating, miserable ,immature loser who couldn't talk like an adult. Its people like you that make me not like her, you have no class. Disgusting and low. Oh and next time boo boo if your gonna have an insolent attitude (go, ahead look that up) actually have a reason to back it up little girl. Stop flexing on a IG and read a book !##simply I mean Simple Bitch. Im off to work now, you know that thing adults have to do?
  • simply_mona89@teenie_adg3 good morning to you too monkey looking bitch lol
  • eimanimWow for these crazy ass broads... Y'all hoes need hobbies how are you dick riding And hating at the same damn time lol. How is that possible?!? Lets all remember what crazy ass Nene said "quit worrying about the next and go for yours" Lmao. Anyways @karrueche sorry I missed u when u were in the A come back soon
  • andreadescargar_@karrueche @fuckyopictures where can see the stuff
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