looking at Instagram during a commercial break #idol
  • mariahcareylooking at Instagram during a commercial break #idol

  • sieieBest time..of de goddess;)
  • chrisakafrankie#Diamonds to bed is #fierce
  • archaisaluyaThe most heartwarming picture I have seen all day long. Love you.
  • v_dogfitlifeMe and my daughter do the same! Super cute!!
  • mshm35I love this pic
  • lacey.medinaHave fun with your kids
  • 1234rosajaydAwww,,, I just simply adore your pics with your beautiful baby's,,, and I'm so glad your down to earth and an awesome mother and human being,,,😊😊😘, . You have a beautiful heart in and out😊👌👍👏💖
  • goodsnyMama❤💙💚💫
  • i_salenaMs.mariah carey, god bless you and your family, out of all the female artist I grew up listening, your one of the only ones that I can truly respect because you have been the same sweet loving diva we all have grown to love! You never change up on your fans and for that I appreciate you :) god bless
  • aliyah_swagMothet daughter time
  • x0babydollx0Cute
  • dreamlover125@mariahcarey what is your fav flower?
  • alishaperezMy daughter is the same age as yours and she lays on me just like that .... love it
  • savitha.b11It's so amazing that you r so famous yet u still make time for your children. So many celebrity mothers treat they're kids like accessories but you truly love them 💕💕
  • gosiaellaThat's exactly what I do with my 3 year old 😍📱😍
  • gemmm78Like here, a mother. Its a beautiful thing.
  • ibroadcastThis is officially my favorite Instagram page. You have the best photos!
  • disneydreamernhThank you for being real. Thank you for showing that even super stars are hands on mamas. I am in a similar position tonight but my two youngest ladies are asleep beside me. :)
  • shortgurlvenomBeautiful
  • gavin210._I hope u read this I scrolled pretty far down 😂😂 anyways I just wanted to say love u so much keep up the good work and don't let no one tell u not to do people said that I could make it to the soccer team and I proved them wrong
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