Moving On...
  • cc_chapmanMoving On...

  • matthewcerroneReasoning?
  • cuteculturechickSee ya on Flickr. BTW, loved your #NMX preso!
  • stevegarfield
  • stevegarfieldOh wait, Instagram doesn't allow clickable links in comments. #fail
  • kirstenalanaSorry to see you go! But I also understand.
  • eflirtexpertBoo hoo. :/
  • jmoriartyI thought you were at 500px. I can't keep with you crazy kids and all your picture sites...
  • cc_chapmanI'll still be viewing and commenting. I LOVE being able to see snapshots of my friends lives, but.....well....when I lose trust it is hard to gain it back.
  • peplauSee you there. It's a shame it had to come to this, but...Facebook.
  • digiphileSee you (elsewhere) online
  • realposhmomYou can find me there at :)
  • stevehall89Why are you leaving? Didn't Facebook "fix" their terms?
  • tojosanHi. I'm Todd. I'm on flickr. I'm almost 7 years as Tojosan.
  • breukelynboyoThinking 'bout leaving too. The whole thing got less art and more personal. Dont care for your people photos
  • breukelynboyoThats what FB was for...
  • heyamberrae:(
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