• kevinburgColor grading some #rrexotic footage from our shoot in Palm Springs last week. @lazy_lover is killing it in every frame.

  • heatherggordonLooking forward to seeing the final product!! Love your work @kevinburg @_frommetoyou
  • arzooamerDo you guys use color grading often in your cinemagraphs to create a desired 'look' for the client? I've read a little about it being used in films/music vids and find it fascinating.. I'm sure it will be amazing as your work is always! @kevinburg @_frommetoyou
  • mandyholesh😍😍😍😍
  • kevinburg@arzooamer We color grade when we shoot on RED cameras since it captures in raw and has a ton of latitude for color manipulation. We get about 80-90% in raw then do finishing touches when it's ready for export in After Effects or Photoshop. Color grading is just a video term for color correction and it's important for achieving the look you want, the same way you would choose a film or process type to get a look pre-digital.
  • victorxav@kevinburg are you using davinci?
  • newyesc@kevinburg @_frommetoyou Very professional! Love your work🎥📷📲
  • kevinburg@superxav5000 RedCineX - I plan to try DaVinci though, although I think it's more powerful than I need most of the time.
  • arzooamerPretty cool stuff... I had read somewhere that 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' being one of my fav movies was one of the first fully digitally graded films in Hollywood so that had stuck in my head. Interesting to see how it applies to the work you guys do too, thanks for the input, definitely something I'd like to learn more about.
  • victorxav@kevinburg you can use it for free if you are using hd footage (davinci lite). For 4k you'd have to buy the upgrade davinci version. Although you could convert to prores but not needed. If you do get into davinci I could recommend you a few tutorials that helped me learn it very fast. I'd love to see the finished product.
  • kevinburg@superxav5000 thanks for the tips - I'd need the 4K version. Could you share the tutorials? I'm always up for learning new stuff.
  • victorxav@kevinburg of course sir! What's your email?
  • kevinburg@superxav5000 kevin @ annstreetstudio.com thanks!
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