Tuukka gets a stretch in during warm-ups. #BruinsAreBack
  • nhlbruinsTuukka gets a stretch in during warm-ups. #BruinsAreBack

  • acordeiro07Thanks for the cup run Timmy you were great but it's Tuukka Time from now on!!!
  • adog9I'm in that photo oh yeah right next to the box
  • tomboyforlifeWait!? I didn't understand! What happen to Tim Thomas!?
  • truckerman82What time did they tell tuukka to show up cuz I didn't see him
  • alyssacastonguay_He sucked tonight
  • rolltide689You can't judge tuks on one night he is a stellar goalie. He has proven himself.
  • 20nikbI was at game!!!
  • hawksrule2014when does the bs play the peguins
  • chasequigleyI was at the game
  • zanepatrieDat ass
  • cuoco10Get Thomas in there Tuuka SUCKS!!!! @nhlbruins
  • gretchstemm55@cuoco10 you suck at being a fan if you think he sucks.
  • gretchstemm55@kareadia @truckerman82 @shurley9 @seguinproblems @kschaeff07 I have almost never called out a bruins fan expect for when they doubt there own team. You probably all doubted Thomas into they won the cup. But he left the team. Lucic even said I'm not sure of Tim will come back but all that matters is Tukkaa time. So don't doubt him he lead in 09-10 not 10-11 but 11-12 BOTH. Where amazing. Until he got injured
  • cuoco10How many awards did Tuuka get oh that's right NONE he stinks find a better goalie Tomas has better reaction time then any other goalie in the NHL but seeing he might retire they should just find all new goalies @i_love_johnny_boychuk_55
  • cuoco10Without a good goalie the bruins will lose games because the bruins defense let the other team get one free shot when they enter there offensive zone 55% of the other teams goals were off of those breaks and shots therefore they need better goalies
  • cuoco10Who can consistently save shots
  • gretchstemm55@cuoco10 that's because he didn't play no wonder he didnt get awards that year
  • jfecteau13Thank you i_love_johnny_boychuck_55
  • robertmule_Tuuka rask is so f'n good
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