Happy National Hat Day #SFGiants
  • sfgiantsHappy National Hat Day #SFGiants

  • hansensmashys this hat so messed up haha
  • esuelyTogether we are Giants \o/
  • hustlinhuntThis hat has character
  • sherylreyGo Giants! All my love from LA!!
  • melissaranae😘
  • sclocalgirl9Funny I wore mine today for no apparent reason
  • marthashelbyLove this hat I want it!!!
  • chefjoepa_seamustheboxer@miguelvelarde13 you're an idiot! If you aren't a giants fan then get off the champions page. Secondly, I don't care if you like talking like that, you sound like an uneducated pos. And its annoying!!! Get off the giants page.
  • its_that_boi_canon@jpadilla276 1st punk bitch shut ur lame azz up fuk u & the lame azz giants i said it once il say it again only thng gd outa frisco iz the niners aight fukn buster azz lame
  • chefjoepa_seamustheboxerI bet you don't even know how to spell do you @miguelvelarde13 lol. Educate your self homie!
  • its_that_boi_canon@jpadilla276 1st off dum shit if ur dum azz goez back & read i said i choose 2rite like thiz what a fukn retard what r u a fukn teacher get off my dick pussy
  • chefjoepa_seamustheboxerHahahahahahaha. You're so dumb. I really don't think you can spell. You go to school on the streets fool?
  • traceee121212no worries, haters ALWAYS going to hate. We know the truth, regardless of a little boy's opinion :)
  • calijmzAnother niner non giant fan.... Hmmmm when the raiders suck we get all the ghetto ass bandwagons.... LMFAO
  • calijmzNiners, Giants For Life.....!!! Born n Raised.... You can't be one without the other. Sorry, it doesn't work... You look like a douche bag... JUST SAYING.!!!!
  • domo_dont_care_at_allGray and orange?
  • jufran____@miguelvelarde13 punk ass scrap u ain't no niner fan quit fakin it. Band wagon ass bitch
  • its_that_boi_canon@th3bearju anywayz pussy azz lame get off my dick trick azz buster
  • mattbrahWhy do people argue on this shit, just support the sf giants.
  • 2beyellowOrange and Black to the bone!
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