Sometimes a picture says a thousand words.
  • crtwotwoSometimes a picture says a thousand words.

  • kane_dron@crtwotwo you are one of the greatest riders of all time and theres no need to put yourself down, that should just motivate you to go harder which I think is near impossible but you have proven everyone wrong before! @crtwotwo
  • debcam_We love you Chad! Hold it on! 😊👍 #aussiesdoitbest
  • glenn_lewis@crtwotwo just hold tight chad, we are all behind you, you've got this!! ✊✊✊👊2⃣2⃣🏁😊
  • emwhite189 points out of first...that's nothing. Especially with your consistancy, and the other riders lack there of.
  • yodaddy477Keep your head up man your day is coming
  • matti_tamaChe stile chaddy!!✊
  • michaelkretz@crtwotwo I know you do better next race just like u did last year and this time I bet you'll win the title!
  • chantellevbergWow so beautiful reading some of those comments! You have so much love and positive support 😊 you got this!
  • thomas_w13You will be champ soon chad
  • _him_xAre chilling before the race
  • jkonneckewhat would your parents say Chad get out there and get the job done
  • jkonneckeDo it for Australia because we all got your back buddy
  • rexroad_925Get out there and ride
  • w1p#realteam
  • skrany235I see my homeboy! Svge doode @oswi_cbad
  • mattlogan527@crtwotwo your gear is sick!
  • 223_ondeck@dariangerardo dude let me tell you 1thing. 1st of all you don't know me. 2nd I prob know more about @crtwotwo #Mx & #Sx than you'll ever know. & last tell ya mom she's a #frinkin scrub you lil #schmuck🔫🔫🔫
  • braydenwarren12345People shut can't wait tell chad kicks u in da face
  • tattooishFoCus on your love for the sport! Forget about just winning! Go out there enjoy riding fast and go faster. Remember where u came from and where you need to be! If you don't feel you can go any faster then quit now. So you don't hurt your self trying to do it! @crtwotwo. Only u can control the changes.
  • jsnively796Sometimes winning isn't everything. You are an awesome rider (not like@i need to tell you that) One of the worlds best! And that is so amazing. Think of all the guys that ride and race and how many actually make it to where you have. You ARE a winner! We love you! Keep doing what you love because of your love for riding. I'm still in awe that I got to meet you in Toronto!! You rode amazing! Love watching you! And Tate... Omg... My son is the same age they should go riding sometime;)
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