Paris! My final bit of promo for all of Europe! See you all in 2014, off too USA now x
  • teddysphotosParis! My final bit of promo for all of Europe! See you all in 2014, off too USA now x

  • inestagraaamI wish I'll could see you again, you were just perfect in your concert in Lille! Thank you again Ed, I just realised my dream. Thank you! Love xxx
  • clemence.vct@saray__sheeran We know it ;)
  • infinite_internetCome meet me
  • vandermkaNo pictures from the gig in Luxemburg ? :(
  • lucyniedermanYay!
  • maggiejsimmonsEd Sheeran. I love you so much. You are my idol and I saw you last night in concert and it was so amazing. You are the best singer. Like ever. I LOVE YOUU EDWARD CHRISTOPHER SHEERAN. Okay I'm done.
  • sofiadelsol8I can't imagine you close, come to spain please i need you, we need you
  • julyashimadaI don't mean to spam like crazy but you really are an inspiration to me without you amazing songs I'd be dead right now but yoi amazimg inspiring words help me get through the day I litteraly listen to you music every day I ever made my mom download the + album on her phone. I have never been to any of your concerts bit I don't have to go to inderstand how amazing you are I just want you to know you have been a really big part of my life!!! Keep makeing your amazing music!!! I LOVE YOU ED!!!
  • maciwaresDont you hate it when someone you hopelessly love could never possibly love you back. Because Reality strikes you in the face like a match. And you could never possibly deal with the fact that they won't ever love you back and you're just getting so insecure "am I good enough" " will you ever notice me" so hopelessly. So lovely. that you just can't deal with the face of it. That it may never work out I'm spamming u
  • annie_967😍
  • kaleighrenaeUSA USA USA USA USA USA USA
  • charosalieHow much I dreamt to be there ! I hope you will come back very soon in France ! We miss you !
  • carlydweaverI want to go to Paris
  • jimmyprotest😫😫😫
  • swiftie000013I love you ed
  • daniellasmendesCOME TO BRAZIL
  • sansalohomora😏😏😏
  • mandyrogieriCOME TO BRAZIL PLEASE ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡
  • bizzle_thamissing 10 weeks for u come to Brazil my baby ❤️😍
  • raviolali@surfmorg
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