• badgalriri#dn

  • useherh8we know the industry n its ways. its said to have been made Up from the devil himself. the.industry knows what sellls. sex sells. the devil knows how to trick. he.is a mastermind. rihanna has a kibd precious heart. yes she gets fed up. she gives in. she says fuck it. young mula. but then she releases something real. sonething that touches the hearts of many
  • useherh8something to remind us that know the truth that she is precious.
  • useherh8but who knows. may b wrong.
  • useherh8we all sinners
  • useherh8sometimes i just get fed up with all this shit. like understandin it sux. theres so mny theorys about this world. but yeayea. we r here for a reason.
  • useherh8i want to make a mtv show called #refinerylife
  • useherh8then i want to make a show called search illuminati. juss cuz its so dam interesting
  • useherh8if god has a plan for me to b big. i will do it. i need to expose myself out there. i know i got mad skills n a goid voice.
  • useherh8let the holy spirit guide the eords
  • useherh8wors
  • useherh8words
  • iputtheuniqueonmybacksee guys she not in the Illuminati she a christian 
  • thisiscessy@iputtheuniqueonmyback trueee!!!❤ Thats why i looove her!
  • sarah_eshowThis is why I love you @badgalriri
  • conga_la_congalove u
  • cook1307love you gitl
  • benjamin.858Continue
  • sunevonuj@sweet_meeeee what's this?it's an app?
  • riridrawingYou're so different than other celebs I love you boo
  • jonathanbzara@badgalriri whats really means the #dn?
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