.:woody's.benefit.auction:. today we will begin to post art and machines for auction here on @truthsouth...each item will have a start price and the end date and time for the item...if you want the piece then put the price you want it for in a comment with your contact email and the highest bidder will when after auction concludes. if you are not comfortable leaving email...then email truesouth222@gmail.com with contact info...if you would like to donate to woody you can PayPal: woodyridesagainfund@gmail.com more details to come all our best .:T/S:. Artists include: @timhendricks @jordanfst @erik_gillespie @jasonmcafee @noble1 @jojoackermann @josharment @nickcolella @jonmirro @eric_perfect @mattarriola @bubba321flt @featherhand @port_city_tattoo @palehorsetattoo @rossnagle @dcavalcante @dehoot @lesismoore11 @littlebabylinda @boltthrower @dansmith @mrcrojas @thomaskenneytattoo  @beauxbrady @chadramsay @chrisxempire @classicjuan @benmack @talleymatthew @adriansanchez @bryceoprandi @adrianrogersanchez @dringenberg @dringenbergco @rakinglightprojects @dansmithism and more
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