Walk of Shame
  • lenadunhamWalk of Shame

  • kellymugsyI loved the way u walked and looked!! Its how real Real Girls, who prefer chucks and a a scence of humor
  • kellymugsyTo phonies and jimmy choo
  • ccsilvernothing to be ashamed of!
  • oliviaaaaaahelena I cried when I girls win the golden glob. never in my life have I love a series that much and I love the first episode of the second season! Keep speaking for us Lena! Love you :)
  • marayna@lenadunham Question: what do you plan to do with the Louboutin's? I could help take them off your hands! I'll even pay shipping, and yes, handling. I figure a lot of men with foot fetishes will be handling them a ton at customs! Could get pricey.
  • maraynaFYI: I'm being completely serious.
  • maraynaPS (and I feel this is important): No. I don't plan on selling them.
  • ozolsLove
  • marayna@ozols Will back me up!
  • wtfong05Congrats!
  • ajw1986Amazing! Awesome!
  • stateoffacemakeupIt looked uuuuuuuuuuuncomfortable. Next time, jersey knit with a little structure in the middle.
  • alfiemollykatydeanYour house is so neat wish my brothers room was the same
  • wifey78I would have assumed this was a hotel room??
  • catsmeow05holla!
  • catsmeow05nice shoes
  • tammerscI LOVE that you leave your super fancy dress in a sad lump on the floor.
  • gabbybernsteinRight on
  • jonerzlouboutin = pain is pleasure.
  • romanticlighting@lenadunham yo, can I get some deets on that lamp? Thnx
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