Also at Umit Benan - an introduction to some stylish high tops
  • gqAlso at Umit Benan - an introduction to some stylish high tops

  • ran_dm_cThe upper right pair are dope. Need to check the rest out.
  • johnnyjohnnnnDope as fuck.
  • bendapaI'm dying
  • urbansadfitters😍
  • wetherosesWeakness
  • valensoOMG!
  • harryglongThose are the ugliest fucking shoes I've ever seen.
  • iamjosephmoralesUgly shoes
  • wongAre these shoes? Or blobs of white.
  • yhwhjoseUgly tho.
  • trentorthSeriously what's with all the ugly posts lately
  • 1spencermorrison@trentorth my thoughts exactly.
  • hendr.kNone of these are GQ. None of Em. They're not even focused, who runs this puppy!
  • savionicksNotin to raving about
  • atifnaimAgreed. What exactly am I looking at? Fuzzy unfocused shots of white trainers? It's like you're not even trying anymore
  • jefnoirStop over posting. Quality shots pls
  • giulliarodriguessCool!
  • tyler_sharpeI get it, I see what they are trying to do... But not quite gettin it. If you are looking for someone to help with igramin stuff, let me know! :) Maybe more cool detail shots.
  • jrusscNo
  • mahayatraNice ... Hopefully you respond to my messages one of these days. Neelesh
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