Post-globes with Heidi Klum & Andrew Saffir
  • rachelzoePost-globes with Heidi Klum & Andrew Saffir

  • brittney.holstegeLoving the hair! #sochic
  • leannepaganiRachel your makeup is not up to normal standards. Where's Joey?
  • meezo45Rachel you should have your hair up more often, love the makeup the whole look is pure class. You always look samey but this look you carry it well.
  • shea5217Rachel looks like she is sick
  • alf90046#ikonmob
  • seecritListen Ratche, you have got to eat something sweetie! You have a family now... Do it for them
  • simplytandyaHeidi!😍😍😍
  • gwendolyn_625Tell your make up person to fix those brows
  • marky104Fantastic xoxo
  • februarylove_😍😍😍😍😍
  • burrnessaHeidi Klum?!?!??! 💕
  • pomlover55^ lol all mean
  • romanianjoRachel, you look stunning! Didn't recognize you with your hair up! Super classy!
  • carolinahmoraesDonatella? Is that you?
  • mrs_amyg@carolinette 👏👏 too true!! The new face of anorexia. 👽 Disappointing.
  • clarentine14To be honest it has absolutely nothing to do with you! If she did anorexia do you honestly think that these bitchy little comments would help? Anorexia is a mental disorder - not just being thin! Honestly go get an education!
  • lvcedenoIt's such a cruel world we live in. Let her live and fight her own demons, celebrate her success, admire her tenacity, and commend her for her strength- She has mirrors, and so do we. You keep rocking RZoe...
  • trstnt#poignant
  • audreyelizabethhagmanRachel is perfect and beautiful and wonderful and fabulous. Congratulate don't hate.
  • erin.baesOMG I love your hair back like that, soo perfect @rachelzoe my idol
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