Meeting big sis vivi
  • rosieMeeting big sis vivi

  • natalie.von.frankensteinAwww so cute. Congrats on the little one!
  • char_nolanVivi is in love...
  • obrierSo cute! Pure Love 😍
  • karen_annnThe look on big sisters face says it all.
  • ldstarr18Big sis!! Lil sis SO sweet!!
  • girlpowerempireSweet. Congratulations!
  • juliehappelCongratulations Rosie!
  • crisg39Looks like she's already doing the duck lips! What a cutie
  • xomamacxoCongrats! What an amazing family you've created! You have been an inspiration for years - never apologizing, always being you, and fighting for what you love! Keep being you!
  • beachgirl94Soooo cuteee
  • lkgallopWas wondering when these pics would appear!! I'm guessing the kids have been with Kelli. They will be great big sisters/brothers!! 😊💕🍼
  • klardolinoGreat pic!
  • betsyt13Two beautiful girls
  • nurseamy1969What a great picture!
  • courtneyhockettI'm not sure if she and Vivi are related but they look SO much alike. So so cute! Congrats!
  • dedracoopersutliffOmgoodness...and Vivi is so grown up now! Beautiful picture. ;)
  • gillian_ungerAw vivi must be a proud big sister
  • vallynnBeautiful! So happy for you. I know how you love babies and children.
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