Thanks to @lauren_bmx for being so stoked on his @sundaybikes and posting all these photos! Thanks buddy and enjoy!
  • theaaronrossThanks to @lauren_bmx for being so stoked on his @sundaybikes and posting all these photos! Thanks buddy and enjoy!

  • theaaronross@deemanon I didn't remove anything?
  • theaaronross@deemanon you never told me what I was being asked to say?!
  • deemanon@theaaronross well it removed 3 comments I put up... Anyway, do you think you are the best as many people claim you are?...
  • theaaronross@deemanon haha really? That's the question? Is that a joke? No I don't think I'm anything. I go outside and ride bikes. I think a lot of people are insanely good but we all have different styles and looking at spots different. But I look at some riders and they are my favorites and NO one agrees... It's all about what you're into and it's all personal opinion. If you hate my riding that's fine with me. Can't win them all. But always remember I'm having fun on my bike. I don't care if I'm better then someone else. I don't ride for that reason. I ride for fun and to hangout with my friends. It's freestyle and it's yours to do with what you please. Thanks for your opinion and I'm sorry you hate my style and riding. But it doesn't bother me. I'm smiling having fun.
  • booela👍 that comment is what makes you awesome!! @theaaronross
  • deemanon@theaaronross that settles the dust, I don't hate your riding style... And the whole reason we are the bmx community Is to have fun and criticise from time to time... Carry on way you are and seriously stop with the all same colour bikes... Makes me sick when 12 year old roll up to skatepark on them... Being some various colour composition out.
  • fran6_gonzoSoda's Come back
  • notdancotterI liek stickers @theaaronross
  • blooodbathh@theaaronross I hate when people say you bike for attention. My boyfriend is a bmxer as well, I'm proud of you guys. Keep it up :)
  • thabeansterWicked bike man! I just bought it a couple of months ago. So dialed
  • justinbmx97mad respect to @theaaronross for that comment up there. if you dont get with what he likes, dont comment. simple as that. dont talk shit to someone whos made a name for themselves and is successful in what they enjoy.
  • jacksonjames04That's a sick bike
  • we_the_collectorsI want iy
  • we_the_collectorsIt
  • tyler_takacDo you guys still sell the watermelon arron Ross bike?
  • christopheringram123I want one of those bike soo bad but i cant afford them @theaaronross
  • joaco.dannuncioCan u please post racing pictures? Thanks
  • sean_kinsella@theaaronross has this bike been discontinued
  • laurens_bmx@laurens_bmx
  • livelovebmxDobble like :) @theaaronross
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