Someone asked for a pic of Jay. Here's one with Ellie! One of my all-time favorites.
  • katiecouricSomeone asked for a pic of Jay. Here's one with Ellie! One of my all-time favorites.

  • monica.requejoLove your picture! I'm a fan of yours in Mexico City!
  • carromsThank you for sharing Katie. I remember when you shared your stories as you went through this tragic ordeal. You were so strong.
  • tiafofiBeautiful pic
  • therealbirdsharonStrong lady and great memories to help
  • cocoapoppsStill remember story of the nanny was it? Saying she saw his spirit at the foot of the bed. Powerful!
  • franmfarberBeautiful memories. May they live on in your heart forever.
  • cindychristonHandsome man. How you must miss him still.
  • clarkiee2Beautiful!!
  • lindsay_allen_ruiz@katiecouric you are such an inspiration. Strength looks good on you.
  • daphneopSo touching. You have been an inspiration.
  • silver0716Beautiful Katie! I bet he's so proud of you and your girls. God Bless you!
  • keripicturesI remember when your girls were born and the day you came back on the air after he passed away. You are such an inspiration. Way to go Katie!
  • laurettieSo beautiful - a moment I will never forget .. Taken by my hubby Kit Kittle
  • nildapieriLove that you still honor him :-)
  • tarms66Your soooo awesome KC
  • miss_collier_to_youWhat a beautiful picture. (:
  • earthylovingirlHe has warm eyes 😇👼
  • buffy1056Every time you have spoken about Jay I can clearly feel your love for him. He must be part of your special light.
  • abjvWhat a very handsome husband u had. I know u still miss him but he is your guardian angel watching over u and ur children
  • whittakerhollyYes, he is always shining down on you and the girls. He is happy you found happiness with John after all these years.
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