Just murdered a chocolate soufflé at Areal in Venice!!! Da bomb!
  • jon_huertasJust murdered a chocolate soufflé at Areal in Venice!!! Da bomb!

  • tiffanyanjoliDeath by chocolate!
  • karij_71Jealous!!!
  • victorieoreoOoh call the cops. Murder!
  • sebasmasponsMenudo marrón . Bueno siendo chocolate es normal
  • fra_zureMurder!😱
  • maverick_1998I live there ! And you have already confessed to the murder and you declare under arrest for the murder of the chocolate soufflé!!! @jhuertas23
  • bree_april_90Yum :-)
  • kelziebubYou didn't even try to get rid of the evidence!
  • lokmansalikoonYou're suppose to the take the before picture.
  • dgcthaBet it looked great at first
  • kendall126Sounds good
  • castle_beckettLooked delish! :)
  • castle_beckettIf its not too personal... Can you post a picture and explain to castle fans what's going on between you and Stana? We are all curious whether or not you have a thing or whether or not you are just really close! That's all!! If it not too personal I would love to know what is going on!!!! ☺ Thank you. -Kaitlyn :)
  • reenee3120@castle_beckett "If its not too personal"? It's their personal life which is none of your business. Butt out and get a life.
  • castle_beckettWho are you to talk like that? It was just a question, okay? Obviously if it is too personal he won't but if they want it out there they will spill so just relax. Keep your thoughts to yourself, thanks! @reenee3120
  • jasmina_2606Yum^.^
  • jasmina_2606I ate a chocolate cake in venice five months ago
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