• sassandbideHx

  • adlfashionbloggerAwwww... This will make for the sweetest of memories :)
  • ximesadurni@sassandbide the one thing you can live without! Come to México!!
  • z_mashoodVery cute!
  • tahls_ly85Love!!
  • re_eg@sassandbide @ximenasadurni Yes! We need sass and bide in Mexico!
  • littlepaperlaneU are actually way too adorable!! Best mummy xx
  • loveludieTo the beautiful Heidi...Thank you so much for your sweet message. Your brand is truly amazing and I love following your blog and travels and seeing how your travels and life experiences are reflected in the inspirations of your designs :) I have always wanted to work for Sass and Bide as I too have a passion for the truly wonderful world around me :) You are both such wonders x x Love @loveludie
  • laurencepasquierBest mummy ...and best Aunty ...! You are just the best X
  • my_preciousnesssxx🌹🌹🌹
  • jasmine_mansbridge@sassandbide I have been meaning to ask you for your leaving little one tips, as I haven't spent much time away from mine & it's my biggest challenge really, everything else is hard work & logistics!. This idea is lovely and one thing I will put in to action... Anything else you can suggest ? Xxx
  • nattyfunnBeing away is the hardest but the homecoming is sweet as! Rock the USA gals! Have a bagel for me xxx
  • belinda_georgeson@sassandbide such an inspirational Mumma Bear x
  • adrianafaugerasSweetest mother
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