But its a dry cold yknow...
  • burritosandsnowBut its a dry cold yknow...

  • badicNothing like a 14* would be in the south. I love this weather!
  • bjespemagic in the 801 today
  • suzyfiIt was 75 in TN today :( melting our base. Bastard heat.
  • jerome_kuntzWhat's the wind chill? I would have been so stoked if it had felt like the 12 it was today before wind
  • tcomly14 is warm compared to the last time I visited. Hopefully more snow and slightly warmer temps when I come back. 8 more days
  • agnarchyI'll trade u. 55 in the mitten today.
  • burritosandsnow@agnarchy no trades!
  • burritosandsnow@tcomly maybe warmer but no might not be new snow .. Lemme know when you're in town tho ...
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