Check out the @MiamiHEAT locker room here at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento
  • miamiheatCheck out the @MiamiHEAT locker room here at Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento

  • jakedotgilbert@zangrando21 that's why LeBron is more successful then Melo
  • zangrandoandrew@jgil98 well lebron is a bitch and went to a team where wade already won a championship soo they were a championship caliber team before he joined them but melo went to the knick that have been horrible for about 10 years I'm a die hard Knicks fan I'm always in the garden watching them play and now that they have melo and a defensive big man they can actually compete for a title
  • abmcflydjlMy school in high school hadr a better locker room then that lol
  • zangrandoandrewKobe is better then lebron enough said @callmeminty
  • tyguapo_Kobe is def not better. Lebron can do everything all around and Kobe can only score. @zangrando21
  • usctrojan43ghetto locker room
  • zangrandoandrewWell then why isn't Allen iverson ever talked about because he was one of the best to ever play at the point guard spot and the reason is because he didn't win a ring everyone is judged by how many rings you win not by MVP's or how well you play in the regular season lebron has chocked in every single time his time made it to the playoff besides last year if you remember the 2011 championship lebron didn't even show up to that he chocked he couldn't handle the pressure @callmeminty @wavylifeidoit
  • zangrandoandrewTeam^^
  • zangrandoandrewLebron wins MVP's but Kobe wins Rings enough said @callmeminty @wavylifeidoit
  • zangrandoandrewLebron had to leave his home team bc he couldn't win one on his own he needed help for two other super starts @callmeminty @wavylifeidoit
  • zangrandoandrewKobe is 37 or 38 your a dumb cunt you clearly don't know the game of bball and Kobe is having a better season then lebron it's just that the role players on the lakers suck now look at the number you dumb bitch @callmeminty
  • tyguapo_Kobe had help by Ron arrest,pau gasol, and there whole team. Lebron only lost 2011 because it was his first year playing with that team. The lakers are ass this year. And it's 5 superstars.
  • tyguapo_@zangrando21
  • tahirshahzadaaThis is a pretty shitty locker room tho..
  • jtholliday_day2@zangrando21 kobe is 34
  • darren_is_2_liveThis is fake a.f
  • blvck_kxngThat locker room does look like shit @tahirrrrr
  • justind2525Those shoes are sick @miamiheat
  • wazup_manLove the heat my fav nBA team
  • mitchschillingerI want all the jersey in that locker room
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