Don't leave home without it. This is my key to everything! Never take it for granted. I LOVE U!
  • kingjamesDon't leave home without it. This is my key to everything! Never take it for granted. I LOVE U!

  • pretty_nisha_10 out of 10 you don't remember me lol but I met you at the airport in Cleveland when I worked there back in 02 before you was super famous and you was soooooo nice.. You was flying out on southwest and Me and a friend of mines sat and talked to you and your friends and I remember when I finally figured out who you was a year later I was like I met him lol but I live in. Cleveland and I'm still #teamlebron all day!!! Now lemme borrow 5000 ctfu but you the shit sir and your wife is gooooorgeous @kingjames
  • datboiltrain#WATCHTHETAPE
  • future_bledsoeLeking games
  • fredthetruthlike34Amen
  • robt20I'm happy to say tht I can finally like u I didn't like to see what happened 4 years ago I was a Lebron hater but after what u did a few days ago I have a change of heart about u u made a great decision and I hope u succeed in Cleveland go Cavs @kingjames
  • aye_its_nick13Can u send me your work out someday I'm gonna become u and gonna go into the NBA and become the best their is like u said when u think you've reached your limit its only the beginning so I will work harder and harder to train myself to become the best
  • aye_its_nick13@kingjames
  • aye_its_nick13Please reply I may be young but I'm willing to do it
  • nike21basketbaPlease
  • nike21basketbaGive me Kenton
  • __baller__4__life___Me to you are my inspiration
  • pressreyBALL REALLY IS LIFE!!!!!
  • huntersteeleeWow 110 weeks ago lol
  • naufalriz9May i have that ball? @kingjames
  • lindenmorrisseySame
  • sboyapalli23Lebron can u dm me please. I watched so many games over and over again I think I can give u a strategy with the cavaliers that will help u beat most teams. I'm not kidding, please read this @kingjames
  • dope.rodneyYo yeah for sure you can give him better strategies than experienced coaches who most have been in the NBA. SMH 😕 @sboyapalli23 dont listen to him @kingjames just keep grinding and #striveforgreatness.
  • kamdrollet20Get that chip bronnie
  • joe_sierra01🏀
  • alexnuzzi12Hi
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