I don't have to be skinny to be used by God :)
  • amyhaleI don't have to be skinny to be used by God :)

  • ashleyannereevesWow! I really needed this...
  • sockbunny💖💖💖
  • amyhale@savedbygrace91 So glad it meant something to you!
  • pammaw@amyhale Now that's some truth girl! Xo
  • daphnemassaroI wish we lived closer so we could walk & exercise and get HEALTHY!!!!
  • amyhaleMe too!!!! @daphnemassaro
  • daphnemassaroDid you get a new hairdo? It looks great!!!! :)
  • amyhale@daphnemassaro not really...just got it trimmed. The photo I posted is what it looks like before I "poof" it up ;)
  • daphnemassaroIt looks great unroofed! How do you like your erin condran calendar? How is your PL2013 going?
  • amyhaleThank you @daphnemassaro ! I'm not using the Erin Condran as much as I should be...and as far as PL, my husband and son are going out tonight and while they're gone, I'm planning to wrap up my 2012 album and start my 2013! I can't wait :) How's yours going?
  • daphnemassaroW1 is completed!!! I need to go through and print pics for W2 !!! I am loving the new PL that are coming out this spring, did you see! Awesomeness!!!
  • amyhale@ginaburpee I mentioned you in this...did you see it? ;)
  • amyhale@ginaburpee thank you for your email. God used it :)
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