Sunrise over turn 2 @DISupdates.
  • jimmiejohnsonSunrise over turn 2 @DISupdates.

  • lahilvBeautiful
  • cd.9333Awesome
  • bavolaccoDays on thunder lol @jimmiejohnson
  • deev13Great shot!
  • kiragoosman20I love u
  • lv2flip24That does remind me of days of thunder
  • e_v1lI like the silhoutte concept pic by you.
  • leeshepherd_12nice pic
  • nascarhallNow that's a sight we can't wait to see with motion! Can't wait for the season to start!
  • frank43073What a beautiful shot! Love the perspective! @jimmiejohnson 🏁
  • dontusepleaseDear Jimmie, plz listen to me,plz read this, I feel like I need to tell u about my best friend, he is 11 years old his birthday is jan 26 and he has heart failure he was born missing half a heart and he doesn't have much longer,and u r his role model,he absolutely loves u...u have no idea how much it would mean to him and his family and everyone else...he is very very sick...him and his family is struggling really it would mean so much if u read this and did something...this is now joke I promise...tomorrow at our schools and some other counties is "Scott Schafer day" that is his name...we will be wearing Jimmie Johnson shirts,uk attire,and ur and his colors blue and yellow..... So plz help us carry on this message!!!!!!!!!! @jimmiejohnson @jimmiejohnson
  • zk.mtzCan't wait for the season to start!! I know that @jimmiejohnson will win once again!!
  • janiceaddisonCan't wait til daytona
  • rwatkins5Amazing pic!
  • d3siai love it looks amazing
  • pjhollinNice pic. Nice win Sunday, good luck this week.
  • carissacorcoran29#artsy
  • j2fryBeautiful
  • autopeek👍
  • 1solteroHemosa foto 5×
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