Our new ad on Bazaar Dining Guide!

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  • chinagardenkwOur new ad on Bazaar Dining Guide!

    #q8 #kuwait #q8food #q8foodie #Kuwaiti #food #everythingkuwait #q8booth #foodporn #efodz #yum #yummy #takeout #delivery #chinagardenkw #instagram #instagramkw #i3lanatkum #qsell #1000likes #100likes #q8vartmal #q8_e3lanat_q8 #q8buying #p2bk @q8buying @q8vartmal @i3lanatkum @qsell @q8_e3lanat_q8

  • t_alazzawi@aisha_majeed "manners with a girl" these are reserved for REAL ones. Pathetic is ur use of profanity and using racist accusations towards restaurant owners, ppl you or i don't personally know. Save ur dirty mouth for someone else. And keep ur racist remarks to whats unfortunately happening in your country.
  • ____aysha_____Sadly and unfortunately there are racist acts in my country, how is that related to anything Mr.talal? And puh-leeees explain how did I use "profanities" towards restaurant owners? Again using big words you don't know what they mean? And HaHAHa about the "real girls" comment. You have a lot of anger issues you need to solve, and a lot if English words to understand. I already gave you more time than your worth. Sho Soooooo
  • t_alazzawi@aisha_majeed "gave you more time than your worth." Well put and likewise. Continue "trolling" for like-minded social losers elsewhere. I can't believe i wasted this much time discussing racism with a person who thinks its funny when muslims comment "3aib" on a semi-nude photo. Get your morals straightened out and stop faking. Ciao. (Means goodbye in Italian just in case!)
  • rchickenman@aisha_majeed not even the Chinese care about this ad as much as you. They probably dont care at all. Disney's Aladdin is more racist than this ad. Even Mulan was sexist and racist toward women and the Chinese. This ad is not racist its poking fun yes but not racist. At the end of the day we are all humans and we should all have a sense of humor. Peace
  • ____aysha_____@rchickenman yes, a kids movie that starts with a song saying "where they cut off your ear if they don't like your face" is very racist, but so is this, I did show it to more than one Asian person and they think it's racist
  • ____aysha_____@t_alazzawi and you calling a random stranger "sad, pathetic and hypocritical" is full of morals? Whos the hypocritical person now? Please stop contradicting yourself. It's sad.
  • rchickenman@aisha_majeed so why are you wasting your time here? Go and post on Disney forums about their racist cartoons or are they too big for you? Perhaps a guy pulling a slanted eye from a local restaurant ad is just way too important of an issue...
  • t_alazzawi@aisha_majeed Aah. Your back. Thank you for sparing some of your valuable time. There's something oddly funny about facts and the truth, they both hurt. Fact, you are indeed a hypocrit. And unfortunately, it is true you are a sad and pathetic person. No contradictions at all here. Just honesty and facts :) . Have a great weekend!
  • rchickenman@thatkhaleeji I thought Aladdin was great film like most people. Cuz Im mature enough to take a joke.
  • rchickenman@thatkhaleeji in that case we should avoid tv, the internet and all medias. This ad is in no way racist. It does not send a message that Asians are an inferior race. Racism "in my book" is when you mistreat people of a certain race. If person comes to me and points out the fact that I have brown skin I wont be offended.
  • dee.jrRase 3awarne wana Agra Hal fights apparently people have nothing better to do on instagram than fight with others. 😂 people need to chill, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and lashing out at opinions that you don't agree with only makes you pathetic. P.s. this is very racist, period.
  • rchickenman@deejayarr lets agree to disagree
  • rchickenman@deejayarr lets agree to disagree
  • ____aysha_____@rchickenman according to the laws of instgram as well as human rights, I have the right to express my opinion whenever wherever I please as long as I'm respectful, now, I don't recall a right where you can tell me what to do.
  • ____aysha_____@rchickenman and sorry for the late reply, I rarely check my social accounts during the weekend
  • jainwithaluThis is racist, offensive, and sad. You should be ashamed of such low level advertising who will impress only the ignorant. I won't be ordering from you anymore.
  • rchickenman@aisha_majeed and Im expressing mine. I dont see the problem here.
  • ____aysha_____@rchickenman you're telling me how to function, thats where the problem is.
  • rchickenman@aisha_majeed no Im not.
  • amoonita86@muneeraalawadhi @manayer_ehmf
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