tha babes 😍 @tmon3yyy
  • macideshanebookouttha babes 😍 @tmon3yyy

  • lindseymnolesIf you don't like her and have nothing nice to say about her then stop following her simple as that because all ur doing is making yourself look like a dumb ass bitch and so you need to dismiss yourself!!!!!
  • lh1460@justaddcream get some class, your plain trashy. I'm not sure how to "dismiss myself" but I'm done with the useless conversation.
  • justaddcream@lhapple1 that's exactly how. Thanks! Since I never said anything to you initially. Ugly broad!
  • randomlyurzOh he's hot
  • lh1460@justaddcream only a child would speak the way you do. Grow up, you sound so ghetto. And how awful of you to resort to insulting someone based on their looks. All women are beautiful - we are strong and independent - looks do not define us. Your a bully, and that's sad because it looks like you have children. I'm scared by the fact that this world has mothers like you. Hope you raise your children to have better morals than you currently do. Bullying is wrong, expressing an opinion is not.
  • justaddcream@lhapple1 damn do you ever shut up ? If you don't want to be "bullied" then don't bother someone who said nothing to you to begin with.
  • vannnah661You go girl hes way cuter than Kyle. Way to upgrade girl!
  • shayla_herenot cuter than Ryan, but he is cuter than Kyle. πŸ‘ love you & Benny though!! @macideshanebookout
  • chanicechaniceCUTE!
  • _mallorytello_~NGL~ cutest couple ever
  • sabrinapurple3What happened to Kyle?
  • yopyoyiwheres kyle??
  • iamchanelcolletteLooks like my ex weird ...
  • breelandin12Where's Kyle ???
  • palsyprincessThey broke up a while ago
  • madimirandaNooooo. Kayle era muy bueno. Que paso?
  • blondedixie912OMG I swear if someone asks abt Kyle or Ryan again I'm gonna shoot my foot! Move ON people! Y'all so absorbed its sad..That girl AND her tiny prince are #HAPPY...that's ALL that matters! Lookin good maci!! Proud of u
  • sheilaxhavokKyle was a toehead maci was too good for him! Congrats on being happy u deserve it
  • healthyherbalifestyle_12Again I hope dis is da 1
  • eileenluvsalyHes cute..hope he treats u great...u deserve the best maci...great mom great person..wish I could meet u one day
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