#nofilter - also #nomakeup!!! Today for @katietheshow we're going sans makeup! Tune in & share your pix with me!
  • katiecouric#nofilter - also #nomakeup!!! Today for @katietheshow we're going sans makeup! Tune in & share your pix with me!

  • suzyvoseYou look great both ways
  • laurettieA true beauty with or without!!
  • dpayne5737You are beautiful with or without makeup
  • sesibleyGotta say I'm liking natural. You look amazing. Very brave
  • scottwmayWithout makeup you really look really young and natural. You are truly blessed!
  • kristie1974You are beautiful! You don't need heavy makeup for the show or for anything!
  • saoso6U look amazing either/or! ❤😊
  • bouvier1Wow!! I wish we got your show here in Peoria. !
  • swile67U look younger without makeup! But u r wearing eyeliner/mascara?
  • uptowngirl10168GORG!💕✨✨
  • dontworrybehappy143One of the best #nonmakeup faces I've seen! And I'm not blowing smoke up your ass!!!
  • bethdrysdaleNo makeup looks amazing. You look younger/fresher sans makeup.
  • therealbirdsharonBoth r beautiful time for both
  • meggymuffinsYou're so so so beautiful! I hope to have a job & look like you one day!
  • kingsprvce@katiecouric you are one beautiful woman. I admire you. Blessings.
  • smw1164You look great either way....but no makeup makes you look like a young girl. You have beautiful skin.
  • mrsgrizer90You look great either way. :)
  • jennafeitYou look beautiful without makeup!!! 💙💙
  • thecarolinehigginsOkay you look great either way, but the photo that says no make up actually you have makeup on… You have eyeliner and you can your eyebrows and probably some brown shadow and maybe BB cream.
  • _nataliecampbellKatie, you are so amazing and beautiful. 💕
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