{I am that woman} John 4:1-29 #shereadstruth 
Part One
  • amyhale{I am that woman} John 4:1-29 #shereadstruth
    Part One

  • betsyzenzThank you for your honesty and vulnerability @amyhale. You are so loved by your Savior.
  • amyhale@betsyedot Thank you. I'm a pretty open person, but I believe this was the first time I ever admitted that I'm ashamed I am an ambassador of Christ, being an overweight person. I think it feels like my walk and my talk don't match.
  • ashleyannereevesWow!!
  • damarisestrada<3
  • lisamiller87Thank you for posting this :)
  • amyhale@xoxowife @ginaburpee @damarisestrada Funny how the things I write that are the most embarrassing to me are also the things so many people thank me for writing ;)
  • amyhaleI'm hoping that means I'm not alone! Haha
  • damarisestradaYour words touch my heart on this journey!! #shereadstruth
  • bluebonnetreadsHugs if you want them! Weight (why gain and how to lose) is a complex thing.
  • amyhaleThank you so much for your encouragement @damarisestrada @bluebonnetreads :)
  • punkmama2asmI die every time I read this passage! The fact that Jesus chose a woman to be the evangelist to the Gentile nation proves that if the person is willing God can work thru you! Powerful the way He used the woman to bring His good news!! Your journey encourages me!!
  • amyhale@punkmama2aa Aw thank you for sharing that! You're very kind :) P.S. I LOVE your IG bio--just HAD to follow you after I read it because it sounded like
  • amyhale(Like ME! Sorry! Hit send to soon) @punkmama2aa
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