Worst singles.
  • elliottwilsonWorst singles.

  • cleanfacejrFlo Rida sold 25 million singles tho @eric_dondivamag
  • djian1212"Young & Gettin It" I'm sorry. That's my dude. But that jus wasn't it.. Jus tryna keep it 100..
  • blackstar_edHold up please let me roll up...was by far the worst
  • iamstarkitaPop a molly #1 no worries #2 kesha die young #3 gangnamstyle#4 ....
  • sychoda1@cleanfacejr just because you sell a lot of records doesnt mean they are good. There isn't a lot of variety of good to choose from 😔 #justsaying
  • amirkhary@elliottwilson I so want to engage in this one...but I won't!
  • mariowhereyoubeenAll gold everything....is my Jam! Whooo!!
  • cleanfacejr25 Million people not gonna buy a bad song, lets be realistic. I could see one or two million but 25 c'mon @sychoda1
  • missgigipPlease put Instagram that hoe in there god that was terrible
  • maxprofit_faceboysI can't hate.
  • imossthecool1neThat dam' song by Kelly Rowland ft. Future. I swear they wrote that song within 5 minutes.
  • sychoda1@cleanfacejr its called brain washing you hear certain songs in rotation over and over you end up liking it. I'm not saying anything about florida music I was addressing your how many an artist sells means the music must be good statement.
  • beasleynycNicki Minaj "I fell free"
  • gipdabarberRespect Flo Rida hustle.
  • skyedupMuch love to Flo Rida getting his $ and making quality songs. He can hold a note too. Y'all dumb.
  • kapshakyeah flo-rida making quality songs because hes taking electronic music hits and stealing the beats
  • ursocialiteThat stupid "I Aint Got No Worries" lil Wayne song...worst shit ever
  • roparrishThese Coons Love "All Gold Everything" ..it is hands down the WORST song ever 2 be made in Hip-Hop. In fact its not just worst, oh sorry I Lied...its #One, #Two #Three #Four AND #Five 👎👎👎👎👎
  • geequeStarships & all gold everything
  • chicago_we_onStarships
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