The lil connector to Florence.
  • kevinburgThe lil connector to Florence.

  • pecchioThe weather here is rainy, but not too cold. I hope you'll enjoy your stay in my hometown!
  • chrispetesciaI was going to say, looks like Geneva...
  • kevinburg@chrispetescia good eye, it was! (worst designed airport ever though)
  • chrispetesciaI did like the queue for security- the rollers for bags
  • pikturdisNah my brother I have family in a place where the runway has a 125 ft drop on the edge of a cliff. If u can't land You have to swing back around.. Manual double propeller planes, only 8 passengers at a time. @kevinburg You have to love the Caribbean.
  • n0m4Welcome in chocolate country !
  • isabel9thlpI loved Florence. Please eat some pistachio gelato for me.
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