Sad News Is Coming! The #JeselnikOffensive premieres Tuesday February 19!
  • comedycentralSad News Is Coming! The #JeselnikOffensive premieres Tuesday February 19!

  • jake.radHis comedy is the same as Tosh's, this show is going to suck.
  • solus_stareNobody cares
  • jlo3704Ugh😒
  • camibuzzelliAnthony Jeselnik's show will be awesome...^ fuck those guys. And I 2nd @tristanyonce!
  • jmvagThis dude does not deserve his own show... He'll last 1 season
  • clay_dawg666@jmvag You are wearing a bud light jersey man. Fuck off
  • clay_dawg666@_zacharycurry He is a COMEDIAN. Not your father so stop crying about it, you fucking goober.
  • gabriel_barcenasThis guy is not funny AT ALL!!! I think there are more talented people out there. Just saying
  • jmvag@tronjavolta666 I work for them fruit cake ... Hahaha and why are you defending him so much. Fuck off.
  • confushyoonHe tries to do a Dice Clay arrogance and a Mitch Hedberg quick short random joke thing. Some of its good but for the most part he's pretty boring.
  • amgpolitickingFuck that guy is so unfunny. My paralyzed cousin with Down syndrome is funnier than him
  • clay_dawg666@jmvag Well you have actively portrayed someone who I would imagine worked for bud light, both in that your insults sound like a 19 year frat boy and nothing you say has any substance...much like bud light.
  • clay_dawg666@_zacharycurry I don't have a multi-million dollar tv deal, nobody is expecting me to entertain you in the comments section of a photograph.
  • bigbird_113983@jmvag :)
  • jmvag@tronjavolta666 hahaha and you continue to suck off these people you clown. Your being a hypocrite. You came at me first buddy.
  • maltyballsYea fight
  • chris__nicole@maltyballs 😜lol!
  • tendinthebarI would say jeselnik is over rated but honestly i never hear anyone talk about him being very funny. Another show comedy central is wasting money on when they could be spending more on #workaholics
  • jefftoddnyc@comedycentral finally! If your into his type of sense of humor, this will be one of the greatest shows. About type #jeselnik got a show.
  • leckybeckyJeselnik is my all time favorite.
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