Time for some splash of colors... SOON!
  • golddotshopTime for some splash of colors... SOON!

  • golddotshop@sumaylomai sure sis! Email us at sales@golddot.com.ph or text us at 09175070585
  • katychubbyExcited to have one of this...release it na😁👍
  • golddotshop@spakeiky yes babe very very soon! Actually text/email us if you wanna reserve na! :)
  • paoperianoIs this part of the promo too? :)
  • golddotshop@paoperiano sorry not this one... :)
  • __liliesofthevalley__How do i know which one fits me in your sizing? Im generally a 6-6.5 - is it 23.5inches heel to toe? I want to reserve all colors pls. Let me know! Thank you! ☺
  • golddotshop@victoriandreams hi love! If you normally wear a 37 in Zara, then you should get a 7 for this one.. 😊
  • __liliesofthevalley__Oh but Zara's sizing is a bit big for me. I generally wear a 36 with them. I have slim feet. Btw, the actual colors are these ones or in Facebook? As they pale much in comparison with these. Was it due to the photoshoot lighting? I hope these are the real colors. I like them way better @golddotshop
  • golddotshop@victoriandreams oh, then 6 would be a better fit! 😊 Yes babe... I guess it's the lighting. I just used my phone taking this shot kasi, plus no flash... 😊
  • golddotshop@spakeiky these are available na babe!!! 😊
  • golddotshop@sumaylomai hi dear! These are already available on our site www.golddot.com.ph! 😊
  • golddotshop@phol0514 hi sis! These are available na on our site www.golddot.com.ph! 😊
  • __liliesofthevalley__Will try a test pair!☺
  • golddotshop@victoriandreams oki doki! 😊 Super thanks! 😘
  • __liliesofthevalley__Which color do you recommend i try first? Im torn between purple & orange 😓
  • golddotshop@victoriandreams my personal pick is the purple one! 😁
  • __liliesofthevalley__Last question, is the pink in your site really has those black snakeskin marks in actual? I see nothing in this photo kasi & it has gotten me confused 😓 as ive said i really like these ones better than the ones posted on your site 😣
  • golddotshop@victoriandreams oh they're not black naman... Just a bit darker shade of gray... The lines appear darker lang kasi they're stamped croc skin pattern. We choose a pair that has the least croc pattern na lang for you if you want.. 😊
  • katychubbyOrder form sent 😍😍😍
  • dareenvillalobosStill available?
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