Dave Nonis and Tom Anselmi  shake hands following Nonis appointment as Leafs GM
  • mapleleafsDave Nonis and Tom Anselmi shake hands following Nonis appointment as Leafs GM

  • akobes1No to Luongo
  • k_greenlyBye bye Burke
  • parvstagram@mikeg1187 its MLSE not the MLS, pretty sure the Major Soccer League has nothing to do with the prices of hockey games ;)
  • adlaingEverybody is a leafs GM, the leafs have millions of GMs.
  • hwilder39Bad move
  • dcasselman@mikeg1187 that's disgusting talk, grow up. You're no better then a raciest, you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • rishanraviFuckin dumb!! 1 more year Burke would have done it...
  • lordy_Got rid of a man who had beliefs and s vision for this puppet? Brutal
  • n_galatiClassic MLSE move, right before the season, if these guys really think luongo is the savior, their nuts! Under pressure he is a huge flop, stanley cup finals a prime example. Okay he has a gold medal, but look at that all star team in front of him! I say NO to LUONGO! Find out if reimer is the real deal in this shortened season. MLSE get your s*** together!
  • rodneystochefEveryone just remeber who hired Nonis
  • tjoeln39@torontomapleleafs all though this might be the right move today, you made the wrong moves for 3 months by not doing it sooner. Does not give Leafs nation any confidence ownership has it together.
  • popmartianDislike.
  • mickeysullzBummer
  • faisal166@adlaing LMAO, love that comment.
  • faisal166@mattbowler actually, no one has made the playoffs since the last lockout. 😝
  • cignamediagroupWhy hire someone who has helped not make the playoffs.
  • leafsnationThis Tom guy looks or wants to appear tough but he looks suspicious/very mean person. Wouldn't want to work for him at all. I feel Nonis was put in a very awkward position. Burke I wish you a wonderful future your a great man. I appreciated what he has done for homeless and community work.
  • lateposterSeriously! I hear nothing but great things about Mr. Anselmi.
  • skootsyballins@mikeg1187 awww! So sweet you took the time out of your busy unemployed day to go through my pics! I'm flattered. And way to check your grammar this time! So proud of you!
  • brass_knuckle_therapy_What a fucking joke !! Drop bell and Rogers and find another company for cell phone use !!
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