Thanks @hannahsmithing for reminding me everyday what life is about.
  • treycanardThanks @hannahsmithing for reminding me everyday what life is about.

  • danzcardosoGod bless you Canard!!!!!
  • axoman912@treycanard I've watched your REvival41 video several times now, inspirational and motivational are terms that don't quite cover it.. Outstanding film man and congrats on that 2nd place at A1
  • a_lexi_sGood job on your race saturday!! 👍
  • b_framp41Great race saturday man I pullin for ya to win!! Your are such an insperational hero to evryone dude keep it up!
  • richtwo2Awesome race at A1. Keep the faith bro.
  • bigred201232Great job last Saturday,saying your revival41 is inspirational is an understatement, wish you the best next weekend! Keep it up!
  • dallas_edwards_33This nation needs more of what is going on here!!!!! Way to lead the way!!!!
  • txgoonReal Champ rt here folks!!!!
  • cmocySo proyd of you Trey
  • cmocyOops, proud. Have a great weekend in Phoenix!!
  • ripper822Sprocket @treybreaux526
  • t_huntz44Good job at a1 good luck in Phoenix. I think it's awesome you went to Africa. I've been there to I went to Malawi it's long and narrow country in Africa it's more central. But I went there on a missionary trip a few years ago. I doubt you will even see this. But it would be cool if you did. Rock on man!! @treycanard hope for the best from you!!!! 
  • albertsundeliusTrey you inspire lots of people around the world! / supporter from Sweden @treycanard
  • theophilus242Big props last weekend! Keep it rollin...
  • jamison129Hey my name is JT and I race place follow me back at Jamison129
  • bstone_21Good luck sat. @treycanard
  • dpr57@treycanard plate !?!?!?!?
  • graceglm16We adopted my little brother from Ethiopia in africa
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