Today's moment of stadium.
  • thefightingirishToday's moment of stadium.

  • zachf114Some red blood
  • cecilia_vigrenWe'll be back next year better than ever!
  • lopheadGo Irish!!!
  • notredamegurl77Blue and gold forever!
  • shiskabradfordWe will always be ND
  • riley_houckGo ND
  • yarda50Proud
  • clynch_I'm ready for August 31... Beat Temple.
  • michele_my_bellleA lot of people told me they weren't surprised, but I was because I believe in this team and I know they could have done better but our season was great and it sure was memorable and I can't wait until next year, I know they'll learn from this GO IRISH!!!!!
  • chase_furey@will0
  • 1ndirishfanND will come back better and stronger next year! Love xoxoxo
  • adm_oneHas anyone heard about the Eagles pursuing Coach Kelly? I don't believe Coach K is going anywhere. He's hot some unfinished business to handle at ND. Anyone agree?
  • mrsffmahon618232 days!!!
  • connor_devlin22Lego ND
  • gharlan29I agree @adm_one
  • sean_rat_24Same here @adm_one
  • adm_oneWord!!! @gh33hoops @sean_rat_24
  • ajlombardo12@adm_one - of course he's "fishing" (like Chip) but I don't think he's goin anywhere. What's this gonna hurt? ND possibly offering him more $$$ to stay like that fatass Weis? He's not goin anywhere. GO IRISH!
  • elnavajoCoach Kelly isn't going anywhere. This past Saturday he stated that "Leaving Notre Dame isn't an option. I have the best job in the world..." I think he took the interview out of respect to the Philadelphia organization.
  • bratton19We went there
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