How Electrophoretic Ink works
  • chrispirilloHow Electrophoretic Ink works

  • diegorlo89That's a great way to put it.
  • hawk8509Cool
  • ptown9000I really don't understand
  • jdwhite96That's racist!! What you are showing there clearly states white people are "higher up" than black people!! (I'm clearly joking)
  • thomasbanks64You are fucking stupid. The ball represents the inside of an E ink display. If the black balls were on top, you'd have a black screen with white letters. Do your research before you say shit.
  • johnnygoodface1999Everyone is allowed a mistake (if what you say is true) but show some respect please
  • josh_dun_is_tylered_of_youYeah show respect
  • ed.hirstYa u prick
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