• mgsieglerIntruder.

  • smartMy phone of choice for the last few months
  • patrickquirkeYour so lucky to get your hands on one. Really interested in your take on the phone after you have used it for a while. Could be the phone i move from iOS for. Don't care about LTE.
  • davidmenzelI'm looking forward to reading your review.
  • drdrew2Good phone but no 4G LTE radio?!?!
  • jfhiiiEnjoy that slow as molasses 3G and that horrendous yellow tinged screen. Seriously, place it next to your 5!
  • ruthsworldWe love ours! Enjoy
  • atf_rubenxoTrash.
  • garrywilmethLove how every time someone posts a cell phone people start scrap'n. Such a funny thing to fight about.
  • hlulushi@parislemon I have the N4 and love it. Don't listen to these h8rs...
  • dodejaYou love feeding the trolls.
  • akawookFunny
  • utopicunicornnNexus 4? How is the battery life on that thing?
  • justinhub2003Here in Cincinnati the missing LTE is not a deal breaker. Anywhere in the city I get 9-14mbps download and 2-4mbps upload. I love this phone , it'd best android device and only worth buying...that said I can't wait for Tmobile to get the iPhone
  • nithin@dodeja of course he does.
  • chrisconnellI've been an iPhone user for a long time. But the nexus 4 is a real contender!
  • bojandordevicI still don't want to have a Google phone.
  • emmalina317@chrisconnell what do you like about it? I'm trying to decide to leave my iPhone world and join a different
  • chrisconnell@emmalina317 lots of reasons. 1. Clean version of android not polluted like s3 by Samsung's own crap. 2. Beautiful large high resolution screen. 3. No need to enter pword for free apps. 4. Apps auto update. 5. Best experience of gmail. 6. Phone has plenty of power and good battery
  • chrisconnellPlus it feels of comparable quality to iphone.
  • ukacwLol @garrywilmeth! This is serious sh!t! Posted from my iPhone 5 which is better than ANYTHING else k?
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