• trashness$10, AVAILABLE NOW!

  • natobandAwesome!
  • johnnyefraimI want thissss pleaseee
  • tipwellWill you guys be offering different colors as well? A belt and nato strap combo would be dope!
  • demi94rHow do you clean it? The white part gets pretty dirty...
  • brooklyn_1976This belt is hard. You have to soak it in woolite and warm water to clean the white part @demi94r
  • trashness@tipwell thats a great product idea :), we might do a preppy belt in the future
  • natobandWash the strap with your other dirty laundry. Or just buy a new one. @demi94r
  • d_popovLet me know where I can by this
  • novoita123Quero saber aonde tem esses acessórios da trashness
  • novoita123Aonde tem uma loja , em são Paulo ??
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