Hello @pomacious @jvs01 here's my lunch
  • chuvanessHello @pomacious @jvs01 here's my lunch

  • chuvaness@elccid @marius_dtown
  • jennyreyes85Is it better than Yabu?
  • sabsmarquezSaboten is ❤
  • _vondeezy_That's way better than yabu
  • cedric_cidI want!!!
  • kristine_deeSaboten coming to manila very soon!
  • pomaciousYum!!
  • darikr😋😋😋
  • marius_dtownSo hard to find a good tonkatsu place in LA. Hay ang sarap :)
  • mylaremotarinI was deeply saddened when you stopped blogging. What i did to still incorporate you in my daily routine is to back track your live journal account. i started to follow you 2009. Nasa 2006 pa lang ako 😊. Naiinis ako kasi ngayon ko lang chineck you chuvaness.com and i missed a couple of entries. I must say, cant get over your wit, interesting and honest writing!! I miss you a lot
  • mjparambuloWhether it be pork or chicken, I love 5
  • mjparambuloTonkatsu rocks!
  • jeanjavierIs this the one in the hk airport that you reco in your blog? You know sayang kasi on our last trip I reeeeaaaaallllly wanted to try it pero sarado pa, maaga ata.. I love deep-fried breaded stuff..... 😍
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