I only used this 76 Ludwig Cream/Vistalites on *this record* #soon
  • questloveI only used this 76 Ludwig Cream/Vistalites on *this record* #soon

  • zachveltheimD'Angelo!
  • mz88keyz@9ether
  • leighkpetersonHOW DOES IT FEEL. #dangelo
  • scene_indexWhat size kick?
  • karispecialk❤❤❤❤Ludwig was also Bonzos favorite!!
  • joanothemoonCan ´t wait 4 it 2 b released!!!
  • chrispsyapyhU guys snapping and clapping on this record too?
  • unitymusicnycNICE!
  • troyfertCool
  • pic_and_soulCan't wait for Charade & Sugar Daddy album versions!!!
  • jfromgb2gWhy do we post questions? Wake up the artist will never answer...if he answers one he has to answer all...unless!!! It mine(what every social media followers thinks)
  • n00psNot true. ?uest talks to fans often, whether while working the turntables at @brooklynbowl on Thursday nights or through his various social media accounts or wherever. He's actually a very personable cat. @jfromgb2g
  • jfromgb2g@n00ps I met him once in Vegas, and ur right he's a real guy...sooo with that @questlove what skins did u use on the vintage Ludwig top and bottom?
  • djhussa#ludwiggy
  • questlove@jfromgb2g yep I kept og skins cause my bonzo side showed on a few cuts. Actually it sounded so good I left Yamaha & became a full fledge endorsee a little later on
  • jfromgb2g@questlove Wow Bonzo Questo?...like urban space man? #hmmm...all in I think u could record on some cb700's and u or whoever ur engineer is would make them sound amazing. We've(#thedubjay$) been tryin to bite ur mix for a while...nobody has it...u can tell its u with the first kick snare hit...#enough...can't wait to hear the new record it should be pretty dope. Thank GOD for sharing ur gift #gb2Glife
  • kayluvbug1Goal for 2013 ..come see you on the show!
  • normsterWere you just carrying a casket in django!? I recognize that fro!
  • jonasmosesson@questlove how much of you will there be on the album, and how much of chris dave? Was chris just filling in for the tour?
  • riyardinhoLets jam bruh!
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