Bout to be knee deep in to this music career an fans the only thing I can count on these days .
  • waleBout to be knee deep in to this music career an fans the only thing I can count on these days .

  • heller_pudgeWaaaahhhhhh I'm guna miss out 😢😪😠😫
  • jade_o07Sold out 😢 smh not fair
  • rachellrenayI want to come ;(
  • rachellrenay@walemmg I'm in NYC
  • sheltonrapsWhy Wale still doing shows at Bowery haha, bowery is legendary ive played there before but I'm sure you can sellout much bigger rooms!
  • goblin84#myhood
  • dabuggg5#getmedoe
  • dr.lector134You ganna just put your number out like that @foxy_bloxx
  • kenstacksCan't wait tonight! Shit gonna b #Lit
  • tee.dopeYoooooooo I Put This On Errthing Wale You My Favorite Rapper Your Best Song To Ne Is Ambition And I Always Wanted To Be Famous One Dayyy And When I Listen Too ThatSong It Makes Mee Feel That I'm More That A Million Sooo Thanks........ @walemmg
  • objektive_1Can't wait for this!!
  • dlrdwwdWaiting for you nigga!!! 👟👟👟👟👟
  • simplisticbeautii@walemmg We came all the way from CT to give you a BLUNT!! Please look for us in the REDSKINS SKULLY :)
  • i_throw_bottles#dj7red
  • bundyy_this nigga Wale taking mad long
  • syrislimgoody86Saw him tonight at bowery ballroom!! He was great!!!
  • syrislimgoody86♥♥♥♥ HIM
  • kyle_thegreat@walemmg such a great show. I had so much fun and watching you do what you love made me appreciate it more. Always been a fan and will continue to be. Thanks for keeping hip hop alive 🙌
  • c00kie_chanelI'm happy for you; you been through a lot and to see you make it its a blessing. Keep doing what your doing and I'm behind you every step of the way mwah much love @walemmg
  • yo azz down here to Jackson Mississippi & recruit yo team wale!! RAPPER GOOBIE & PRODUCER DJ COLD!! Grammy winners man I promise u they are!! Don't sleep on my people man. We waiting on you!! @walemmg
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