#dailyhbpierphoto The captives are said to have no feelings. I don't believe it.
  • ed.templeton#dailyhbpierphoto The captives are said to have no feelings. I don't believe it.

  • fredzeppelinSorry cows...you were brought into this world to work for In N Out. #doubledoublesFTW
  • kamerondelahozI'm not one to argue over silly things but this is a good time. I absolutely respect not eating animals, my whole family has done it for years. I live in Sanford fl (yes, where treyvon martin got killed) and since I was a child I've passed by lake Monroe everyday of my life. Sanford is a broke, ghetto town and these "sanfordites",if you will, fish lake Monroe everyday. At first I didn't think much of it until I grew older and much more curious. One day I asked many of these fine folk why they fished these lakes everyday and they all (women, men, children, families, grandparents etc.) said the same thing; "to eat." These people use lil fish, to catch bigger fish to feed their families. That's where I was coming from, perhaps my hurricane comment was "invalid" but y'all must take a look at the big picture. I wasn't trying to offend a soul @tempster_returns or @youbegillen so please forgive me if I did so. I was simply bored and finding entertainment just like every other human being on this confusing earth. I respect all of you, even the fishes in that picture so please don't take this the wrong way. Ed, keep shredding and putting up these beautiful photos that accidentally spark all sorts of controversy.
  • bigdickpoppa"The captives" hahaha 🚓🔨⛲
  • brendanbonneyHas no one seen Finding Nemo??
  • igsteezNope no one has ever seen finding nemo
  • soupadaveThey looked bummed out
  • 34patWho cares....it's fish.
  • kevinabdonDeath and pain are really strange when they are in context together. If the pain being endured is followed by death, there is not a time period where that pain is relived or remembered. Therefore if you die from something painful, it really doesn't matter. You're dead in the end. You can't feel pain once you are dead. Not arguing any points here. Just sayin.
  • mattsmith_photoI love reading all the comments in your posts Ed. The non perch species in that bin are filled with parasites and mercury and are incredibly toxic to humans. Not really edible unless you're desperate. The port of Los Angeles is just a few miles away from hb too.
  • danfinklerSo sad. They may be simple but I am sure they feel pain and are not happy to suffer the fate of being captive creatures.
  • sshaunna_mcVegan as fuck.
  • gav_van_sudsI bet you every one of those little guys has their own personality and interests. @tempster_returns
  • adamlmurray@mikexi ha I know exactly what you're sayin. When I was 19 or so me and a buddy did shrooms at a zoo thinking it would be fun but things soon took a turn for the dark as we saw on the animals' faces that they were all bummed to no end. We got outta there and I haven't been back since (I'm old now).
  • shark_fartsYes!!! @shaun_naaa
  • duckydarkoI had fish for dinner. It tasted good.
  • luthipher@shaun_naaa no no!
  • the_big_hossanator@lennonmoore Like I said, some other intelligent being feel the way we do, like dogs. But some don't, they just act on instinct.
  • jimmtvMan eats the fish. The fish doesn't hate the man.
  • henrywiteckiI don't believe it's selfish to eat defenseless shellfish...
  • lennonmooreFish feel it but so does every other animal we eat...it's what being a carnivore is all about
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