We like @freepeopleparamus 's plan for a fantastic Saturday. #freepeople #weekend #create #inspire
  • freepeopleWe like @freepeopleparamus 's plan for a fantastic Saturday. #freepeople #weekend #create #inspire

  • oooandiI plan to consume alcohol and make hot spinach & artichoke dip 😺
  • steenah_lou@_ssilhouette Right so the finished product will be 'good' , finished product (i.e skirt, sweater etc.) being the noun ☺ im not usually a huge grammar nazi on ig (i'd probably go insane!) but when people THINK they know... Mm mm 😤 .. 😄😂
  • _ssilhouette@steenah_lou Exactly. 😉😁
  • taylorofthethornsSuperman does good, you do well. As long as its read as "do something nice for someone" it's correct
  • taylorduross@lisaaaaaan1 I'm sorry, I was just acknowledging that both @freepeople and @manda_anneee were correct. Didn't mean to bore.
  • manda_anneeCorrect, however if you wanted to say the thing you were creating was good then you would have to rearrange the sentence to saying something like "make a good product today" because without specifying what is good it acts as explaining how you are going to make the something.
  • gisougolshaniYeah if only my exam result would turn out just fine..!
  • houseofprattYawn! Oh, grammar police. Grammar can be a fun subject, truly. Policing the written world? How is that fun? I can think of so many other genuinely FUN things! Such as making something GOOD.
  • meg.marsh@manda_anneee Actually, no, because "something" is a pronoun and the direct object and can therefore be modified by an adjective. It can be interpreted both ways. I sincerely apologize for nazi-ing. I will go feel bad about myself in a corner now.
  • theaprily😍🉐
  • frankie_handbagsThe grammar police missed the context of the photo as a whole while looking at their beloved letters and words. The photo is self explanatory with the glass dish filled to the brim with sewing notions. Sometimes you have to read more than between the lines. Get up and create!
  • frankie_handbagsItself*
  • aoj_officialMake the day happen @freepeople #2013
  • stellasacks@marlenasacks
  • flowerly_circle_Done!
  • tynnia@sweetbelladawn thinking of you!
  • hhalepisCanadian Buyers Beware!!!! Shipped products WILL NOT arrive on time (even if you pay for 3-day shipping)!! FP cannot track products once in transit!!
  • amandaphileceDid it!
  • karibijou@charelmi :) reminded me of u!
  • charsteff@karibijou Thanks! I love it
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