A chilly morning in the neighborhood. #Saturday #chili #Yolo
  • blindfilmcriticA chilly morning in the neighborhood. #Saturday #chili #Yolo

  • beanslevineHey tommy just saw your film and this I sooooo very cool. Keep it up and keep sharing #amazing
  • claudiaglenn🏆InstaGrammy🏆for Inspiration and laughter. Can't beat that. HNY and cheers! And thanks to Casey Neistat for sharing your instagram post with his ginormous audience.
  • peterpan82@blindfilmcritic You're awesome. Saw what u do on CNET's "the 404" show. Way to go! Matt from Germany
  • jeana_bel@blindfilmcritic What an inspiring human being you are! Thanks for being such a great shining light that sparks & attracts others. Much love to you. <3
  • michelleve44You captured a street with some pules of snow, looks very pretty
  • maxatmI always liked random prhotos!!!! Good Job!)
  • ohmyjosiemaeThis is great! Awesome shot :)
  • tamrynnMy favorite so far. It's a crisp well lit picture with beautiful buildings. Hello, from California!
  • jakelavzBest pic so much color
  • kateboud💖Love your gallery!!!
  • cassi_dphotographyI can see how blue the sky is there! & the mounds of snow and pedestrian walk marks on the road are great!
  • austin.shumakeNice pic
  • ta6ithaGreat angle!
  • mariofasoloThe colors are suburb!
  • samloverchioYou have such amazing pictures. Really one of the best instagrams I've seen in a while.
  • k13kelYou are amazing @blindFilmcritic
  • felicia_gradyYou can't really live in Yolo. It doesn't snow around here....
  • eemoe@felicia_grady - I think yolo = YouOnlyLiveOnce
  • felicia_grady@eemoe No, yeah. I've totally heard that before. I don't get how this picture would express the concept, though.
  • drongoface@felicia_grady I think the point would be more the action than the subject.
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