LOUD&proud #gay #proud #equality #peace #love #equal
  • landiduhLOUD&proud #gay #proud #equality #peace #love #equal

  • mamabear_monica#amazing
  • _courtenayyy_@your_awosome_so_i "You'll get your punishment one day", and using a horrible word like that to @landiduh (a total stranger)?!? What the FUCK do you think you'll have coming to you? KARMA, for being a small minded, bigoted, asshole. Who does that? Honestly? What kind of sick lonely person comments mean and horrible things to a total stranger. Not very "Christian" of you, for someone who claims to put "Jesus" first. But THAT is a whole different conversation. In short, you're a horrible fucking person, and one day YOU will get what's coming to you.
  • _courtenayyy_I commented to you, but not something cruel and bigoted, you fucking moron. Get an education, seriously. You're a fucking piece of trash @your_awosome_so_i not going to reply from now on, because I don't want to blow up @landiduh page. But really, seek professional help. You sound like a sociopath.
  • _courtenayyy_Do you know what a bigot is? Apparently not. Yeah, that goes back to the "get an education" comment. First of all, don't live in a trailer. Second of all, I didn't know 22 was old. Third, your profile talks about "loving Jesus" but your language to a total stranger, and your total lack of respect for women, shows you're not very "Christian" like. I'd like to hear you go on, and explain how I'm a moron, but I'm afraid all you know how to do is cuss and sound like a fucking idiot, so your reply won't be worth my time. You DO sound like a sociopath. You say I need to seek mental health? You're basically taking what I said to you, and trying to turn it around, yet sound stupid doing so. Please, you "Christian" hypocrite piece of shit, shut up. No one gives two fucks what you have to say. @your_awosome_so_i I hope you have a good day, you sound like you have an absolutely miserable life.
  • _courtenayyy_Oh, btw, you're obviously a hideous freak, seeing as you don't have any pictures of yourself. That must suck. @your_awosome_so_i
  • jaimedanene@your_awwwesome_so_i actually animals do do it sometimes. Man on man is not wrong. Love is love. If you have a problem with it then I suggest you don't follow @landiduh believe in what you want but keep your opinions to yourself. Bullying other people doesn't hanged things not does it make things right. Live your own life and quit worrying about what other people are doing!!
  • misskarenguzmanActually animals do,do that you stupid idiot quit fukkin hating. @your_awwwesome_so_i
  • xkarmaxxYou are so beautiful.
  • jmurray932<3! Love you <3!
  • emilie_masonApparently you're not Christian, Christians don't judge. YOU'RE SINNING. @your_awwwesome_so_i
  • easyyy_shoutoutsssss@emilie_mason you should read the bible one day
  • brittaniii__a@anttt26
  • looruh#loveislove #beautiful
  • brittanyshay89Just because he is doesn't mean he sins. He's still a child of god! You know How ignorant you sound!?
  • britneybeanALWAYS be proud of who u are doll face .. u are beautiful !!! Xoxo
  • megjay09@landiduh even if you prefer the d, I happen to think you are smokin hot <3
  • aannejj_@landiduh your eyebrows 👌 #perfectioooon
  • stellaaaa_be proud.of who you are. Ily(:
  • mz_crooksBe loud and proud everyday!! Being gay is amazing and everyone should love us!
  • ari_jadaaayas baby. yas.
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